Romania’s aim in the beekeeping sector is to become a key player in the global market for high quality honey. In order to maintain and consolidate this position in a dynamic, globalized and highly competitive world, marketing must be implemented within beekeeping companies and beekeepers working on their own. Marketing focuses on marketing a wide range of bee products and generating substantial revenue for beekeepers. Thus, the analysis of the factors that influence marketing in the beekeeping sector is very important.

The promotion of marketing in beekeeping has the final aim of increasing the incomes of beekeepers, a much faster development of products and the business of beekeepers who collaborate with various companies in the marketing sector and a strategy of revitalization and transformation of bee products of beekeepers. In order for marketing to be promoted in the beekeeping sector, it is absolutely necessary to know the main directions of interest of the beekeepers, the main groups of beekeepers, the quality of the honey and the labeling of the honey product. The importance of the present research is given by the actuality of the problem addressed.

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